Macduff Harbor and the bayview hotel by Richard Broom

About Us

Susie - In the 1860's her great grandmother lived in Dyce. Susie's great great grandfather was a butcher who is noted for cleaning up the Flesher's Market (at the old BHS site) in Aberdeen.

He sent his 2 sons to sea, fishing for the market - but they were caught in a storm and both were lost.

Susie came across The Bayview in late 2016 (it had been empty for 8 years) - it was crying out for someone to take it on. In memory of 2 great uncles - she is doing it.

Susie was raised in the Pacific and gained a Masters degree in cross Cultural Counselling from the East West Centre in Honolulu. Throughout her career she has used the specialised skills gained by her education.

Jim - Born in Cheshire, at a very early age, he escaped in his late teens. He has had too many professions to count on one hand (including Dancing Gorilla). His great grandparents came from Scotland and Ireland.

Now turns his hand to baking free renowned Boat Bread and computer advice.

Matt - Born in Tonga, Susie adopted him Pacific Island style. Without Matt's gentle outlook on life, The Bayview would be quite different. He is the muscle, eyes and gentle giant of the family.

Sam and Jet - Jet is the shy collie/staffie cross. She loves Matt. Sam is our rescue whippet - and loves all the fishermen who come in. He is a therapy dog.